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Why The Hell Are You Reading This!?

Holly... an artist wannabe
25 December
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Apparently My Head's Pretty Fucked Up:
Paranoid:Very High
Schizotypal:Very High
Avoidant:Very High

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80's fashion, 80's music, acrylics, alanis morissette, angelina jolie, anne bishop, art, arthur rackham, bam margera, bats, biff christ's childhood pal, big kick ass boots, biting, black jewels trilogy, bleeding, blood, body art, body modification, brian froud, bruises, buffy the vampire slayer, butterflies, cabaret, cameras, candles, captain jack sparrow, castles, cemetaries, charles manson, chocolate, christopher moore, christopher walken, coffee, corsetry, corsets, costumes, creepy crawlies, cruel intentions, cry baby the movie, dark faeries, death, demons, depression, deviantart, drawing, dwarfs, elfwood, faerie art, faeries, fairytales, fairywings, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, femmy boys, fishnets, full moon, goblins, gothic art, graveyards, gremlins, groos stuff, hannibal lector, haunted places, hitting people, horns, illustrating, ink, ireland, italy, jack off jill, james marsters, johanna öst, john hughes' movies, johnny depp, kevin smith movies, king lord god julio, laurell k. hamilton, liselotte eriksson, love, magick, making wings, marcus flutie, megan mccafferty, mermaids, mohawks, morbidity, movies, mushrooms, my idea of god, mythological creatures, mythology, nature, nedda shishegar, occult, original art, orlando bloom, paganism, painting, peirrot, photography, photomanipulations, photoshoots, photoshop, piercings, pirates of the caribbean, pixies, portraiture, punk fashion, red hair, rocky horror picture show, scars, scott church, self injury, selkies, sirens, sketches, sloppy firsts, snails, spiders, spooky faeries, stripes, swimming, sän inman, tank girl, tattoos, the cult of jw, the dark crystal, the host, the labyrinth, the night sky, the princess bride, the smell of rain, theatre, tights, torture, trench coats, trolls, vampires, van gogh, vintage, water fae, watercolor, wings, wolverine/rogue, x-men, zombies